Welcome to BIU psychotherapy research lab

The BIU Psychotherapy Research Lab directed by Dr. Dana Atzil-Slonim is part of the Psychology Department's community clinic at Bar-Ilan University. Our research focuses on identifying client, therapist and relational processes that influence psychotherapy outcomes.
The research conducted in our lab aims to advance the ideal of greater integration between research and practice in the field of clinical psychology in which information flows reciprocally between researchers and clinicians. To do so, we implement a model in which all clinical activities within our University-based research clinic are available for scientific inquiry. This includes a clinical research protocol enabling session-by-session monitoring, within-session recording, and therapist feedback.
Our research is conducted in Bar-Ilan University’s clinic which has 45years of experience in providing subsidized mental health care to the community, for approximately 250-300 patients each year. Our Psychology Department's clinical and rehabilitation psychology training programs emphasize both research and patient care and involve the graduate student population (numbering approximately 100 MA and PhD students each year) in these endeavors.
Our overarching goal is to identify and understand the key mechanisms of change that account for gains in psychotherapy. This has important implications for improving the effectiveness of treatments to those suffering from emotional pain as well as for developing training and supervision strategies that foster successful psychotherapy interventions.