Meet the lab’s team

Dana Atzil-Slonim, PhD


Lab director and senior lecturer (U.S. assistant professor) in the Department of Psychology at Bar-Ilan University
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Tal Alfi Yogev, M.A

Tal earned her B.A in Psychology from Tel-Aviv University and her M.A in rehabilitation psychology from Bar-Ilan University in Ramat-Gan, Israel. Her research focuses on the relation between therapist self disclosure and session and case level outcome and the variables that effect this interdependency.
Tal complied 2 years of rehabilitation internship in the National Institute for the Rehabilitation of the Brain Injured (The Recanati Rehabilitation Center) and the Israeli Society for Autistic Children (ALUT)

Adar Paz, B.SC

DOCTORAL STUDENT, Intern in Clinical Psychology
Adar earned his B.Sc in communications systems engineering from Ben-Gurion University, and completed the graduate program in clinical psychology at Bar-Ilan University. Prior to his enrollment in the graduate program, Adar worked in the hi-tech industry in several research and .development rolls
Adar’s research is focused on psychotherapy research utilizing machine learning and signal processing techniques

Dana Stolowicz, B.A

Doctoral student, intern in Clinical psychology and lab manager.
Dana completed her BA in psychology, education and arts at Ben Gurion University. She received her master’s degree in clinical psychology at Bar-Ilan University. Currently, she is on the combined doctoral track and an intern in the community service clinic at Bar-Ilan University. Her research focuses on emotional and behavioral synchrony between the client and therapist as a mechanism of change in psychotherapy

Rinaty Mittelman Kirshenfeld, M.A

DOCTORAL STUDENT, Clinical Psychologist
Rinaty earned her B.A. in psychology and sociology from “The Academic College of Tel Aviv- Yaffo” and her M.A. with honors, in clinical psychology from Bar Ilan University. Her field of research is – change processes in treatment of young adults following psychodynamic psychotherapy. The study focuses mainly on improving the ability to cope with developmental tasks: relationships and careers and on improving the symptoms as a result of therapist interventions, supportive relationships and individualized patient variables

Shir Heiman, B.A

GRADUATE STUDENT, 2nd Year, Clinical Psychology

Shir earned her B.A in Psychology and cognitive sciences from Ben-Gurion University. In her study, Shir is interested in systematically examining the impact of different emotional experiences on the theraputic process and its outcomes